This is a selection of famous horses that we have sold over the years.


Elegance Jazz x Obelisk

We bought Elegance as a young
horse from the breeder. As a 9 year old
he was schooled and competeting at internation Grand Prix Level. Elegance is sold to the USA.

Dicaprio Swing Jazz x Zebulon

Currently at Matty MATTY MARISSINK STABLES and competing at international Grand Prix Level with Nars Gottmer.

Calanta Johnson x Farrington

Internation Grand Prix Horse Sold to
Mary Hanna and competing at the
highest level for Australia.

Undercover ( Sire: Ferro)

Team gold at the European Championships in Aachen 2015 and winner of the World Cup in 2013 and won many more international competitions with Edward Gal for The Netherlands.

Wizard (Weltmeyer x Pica )

Competes successfully on international
level as a member of the American team
with Adrienne Lyle.

Totilas (Gribaldi x Glendale)

Winner WEG Kentucky 2010 with Edward Gal for The Netherlands,
Winner GP Aachen 2014 with Alexander Rath for Germany and many more victories on international level.

Lord Louis (Laureus x Ferragamo)

Competed at the Paralympics 2012
with Phillipa Johnson for South-Africa.
Phillipa Johnson: "He is an absolute pleasure this horse, he has the
sweetest kindest temprement and
a load of work ethic!"


Foltaire (Voltaire x Afrikaner)

Competed two times at the
Olympic Games with Guenter Seidel
for the American team.

Imperioso (Cocktail x Tangelo XX)

Competed two times at the Olympic Games and several times on the World Cup with Ashley Holzer for Canada.

Olympic Bo (Rinaldo x Komeet)

Participated at international level (inluding the Olympic games) with Sven and Gonnelien Rotenberger.

Wunderkind (Sidney x Elcaro)

More than 70% score at GP level with
Stefanie Weihermullerr in Germany.

Darco (Sire: Dimaggio)

Internationally succesfull
marathon horse, performed
several times at the World Equestrian Games with IJsbrand Chardon for the Dutch team.
Darco is IJsbrand Chardons best left-front horse. IJsbrand Chardon: "Darco is the Messi of the equestrian world." (Interview Bredavandaag 2012)

Von Vivaldi (Sire: Vivaldi)

Approved stallion which is owned by Gonnelien
and Sven Rotenberger family. This year he won
Pavo Cup 2014 in Geesteren with Isabel Bache. This stallion is very well-known for his spectacular movement abilities.

Jax (Sire: Arpeggio)

Currently performing succesfully in Eventing at international level with Dana Pashley Todd.

Argentile Gullit (Ulft x Apple King)

Competed in 2000 at the
Olympic Games in Sydney with
Carl Hester for the British team.

Arnaldo Thor (Purioso x Amor)

Competed in 1994 at the World Equestrian games in The Hague with Dominique d'Esmee for France.


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